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September 2, 2011

Puppy Problems 3: Winnie Eats Too Much

by Val Reynolds

Winnie’s Woes – Winnie eats too much … 

Written from Winnie’s point of view

Winnie in her basket

Winnie in her basket

That was a lovely lunch. I really enjoyed the crunchy bits and the soggy meaty stuff. I feel quite full so perhaps I’ll have a snooze whilst Claire is upstairs before our next walk. She’s shut me in the kitchen so I guess she might be a while.

Oh, what’s this – Claire has left the door to the pantry open. I’ll just put my nose next to that crack in the door. Oh … that smells nice … mmm, smells like those delicious biscuits we have on walks. I love those.

I better just leave them alone. She probably wouldn’t like it if I go in there. The door is usually closed – I’ve checked several times …

I’ll go and have a lie down. Put the thought of extra biscuits out of my mind.

Bored …

Bored and slightly peckish …

Hmmmmm …

Now I don’t feel so tired, I just want to have a peek at those biscuits.

Wait, what’s that noise? Is it Claire? She’s coming down the stairs! Oh no she isn’t. She’s just walking around upstairs, on the phone …

I’ll just have a look at the biscuits. I’ll just shove this door aside with my nose. Ow, that didn’t work, paw then. Yes, that’s better. Mmm, the biscuits, they do look yummy. I know I’ve just eaten but it’s a long time until tea time and I do get hungry in the afternoon, especially after our walk …

I’m sure she won’t mind, or notice, if I just have a few, just a couple of nibbles.

They’re so delicious! I can’t stop eating. Maybe I should just try and eat as many as I can before she comes downstairs. Hmph-munch-yum-dee-hmh-lish-hmp-usss!

Oh dear! My tummy hurts! Oh my goodness, look at it, it’s huge. Ooowwww, oh it hurts so much. I’ve eaten far too many biscuits. Almost half the bag is gone! And on top of my lunch. Crikes, she won’t fail to notice that. Oowwww. Whine whine …

Winnie, are you okay?

Oh, cuddles. Careful, my tummy hurts … whine whine

Oh no, she looks confused, she’s patting my tummy.

Winnie … blah blah blah, biscuits … 

Oh no, she’s seen the open door! Oh please don’t find the bag … oh she has, and she’s looking at me again … oh dear, she looks upset … please don’t tell me off!

Winnie … .blah blah blah blah blah

Oh more cuddles, and stroking. Oh now she’s picked me up. Where am I going?! The garden? Oh, OK, I guess maybe she wants me to go to the toilet … trouble is I don’t feel like doing one yet … Oh my poor tummy!

Whine whine, pitiful whining …

Note from Claire: Poor Winnie was only doing what little golden retrievers do best – eat! I thought I’d closed the pantry door and I’d also left her biscuits at a silly level so she could get at them too easily. Her tummy eventually went back down again, but it was a bit like waiting for Pooh Bear to get thin again when he got stuck in Rabbit’s front door.

Breeder’s advice:

Young puppies will be extremely inquisitive and you must be one jump ahead. Some things could even lead to the death of your puppy – chocolate for instance. Overeating dry food could (on rare occasions) cause the stomach to bloat and if it then twists, you have a real emergency on your hands. Two courses of action can be taken: either invest in child proof locks or simply keep anything edible on a high shelf and – possibly – in a “chew proof” container.

Pat Thomas bred her first litter in 1971 and has bred Border Collies, Irish Setters, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Papillions, Labradors and, of course, Golden Retrievers.

Although Winnie is not yet in season most of her litter is booked. This is usually the case, although too many of one sex can be a problem. As a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder, Pat has free access to the Kennel Club website and if she have any puppies not sold, she puts them on there. However, mostly the pups are sold by word of mouth and families returning for a second, third and even a fourth puppy.

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Have you read the bestseller The Puppy that came for Christmas …  A true story that has appealed to dog lovers and non-dog owners alike – it is both truly heart warming and heart wrenching.

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