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July 15, 2011

Puppy Training 1: Winnie Learns Digging is Not Popular

by Val Reynolds
Winnie and Claire

Winnie and Claire

Winnie’s Woes: The diary of a golden retriever learning about life
A seven part series with a bittersweet final episode

Another beautiful day, the sun is shining, soon Claire will be down with my breakfast. What could be better? Actually, I could do with going outside; I really need to go to the toilet!

Oooh! Hurry up Claire! I can’t hold on much longer!

I’ll just settle down on my bed again and try and wait

Is that the alarm I hear? Thank goodness, I’m busting here!

Footsteps on the landing, down the stairs – better position myself in extra cute mode just behind the door. Ouch! By Dose! Why do I always sit so close to the door?

Claire! I’m so glad to see you! I’m so happy, my tail is wagging like crazy

Ooh, nearly forgot, need the toilet.

What’s she doing? Getting my breakfast!

Oh the indecision, should I wait or should I point my nose at the door to be let out? It’s a real shame she doesn’t understand dog – life would be so much easier.

Ah, she’s noticed, thank goodness. Ahhhhhh, that’s better and breakfast on its way too.

Ooh how exciting, dog biscuits! I love biscuits. Better eat these quickly just in case anyone tries to steal them.

Now for a cuddle. Ah, tickles behind the ear, love that. What’s she saying? Blah blah blah blah, good dog, blah blah blah blah.’

Oh, she’s off again. Maybe if I sit here looking adorable she won’t leave.

It didn’t work. Oh well.

Oh – she’s left the back door open. I’ll just have a little peak outside.

It’s such a lovely day, think I’ll stretch my paws a little.

Oh, a leaf, I’ll carry that around. Oh wow! A stick! Boring leaf, I’ll have the stick instead. OH WOW! A bit of soft dirt – oh that’s just calling out to be made into a hole.

(Dig, dig, dig)

This is so much fun, I love digging

(Dig, dig, dig)

Paws are filthy, but I don’t care – digging’s great!

(Dig, dig, dig)

WINNIE! Blah blah blah

Uh oh

BLAH BLAH BLAH, bad girl!

Oh, don’t call me that – what have I done? I was just digging a hole. Don’t make me go inside.

She must be really cross, even my most cute look hasn’t worked, lying on my back with my paws in the air isn’t working either … oh dear – what did I do wrong?

Claire Price, Winnie’s owner

Trainer’s Advice: 

Dogs dig for lots of different reasons; fun, stress relief, boredom, hunting (animals, roots, etc), to cool down or to escape.

If your dog digs for any other reason than cooling down or to escape, you can do the following to save your garden:

Dig a hole in your garden, where you will allow your dog to dig. Now take some meat bones/smelly treats/toys and layer with soil until you’ve covered up the hole. Let half a bone or some garlic sausage stick out through the top soil. Go and fetch your dog and show her to the digging pit. Pretend to dig in the pit yourself and praise her lavishly when she starts digging. If your treats in the hole are yummy enough and you keep it topped up with new interesting items, you should have a dog that will go to her pit to dig, rather than the garden, as it will be more rewarding to her.

Episode 2: Winnie learns not to chew up shoes!

Have you read the bestseller The Puppy that came for Christmas …  A true story that has appealed to dog lovers and non-dog owners alike – it is both truly heart warming and heart wrenching.

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