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About In Balance

In Balance Women's health and lifestyle Magazine established in 1995

In Balance Magazine, established 1995, is …

… a regularly updated online magazine focussing on women’s concerns about health and lifestyle
We focus specifically on  Lifestyle     Health     Nutrition     Environment     Fitness

Blue tit in privet hedge

Blue tit in privet hedge

In Balance Magazine was established in 1995, in print until 2006 and online since 2000

The website has been completely redesigned owing to the previous version with its 1,550+ features being destroyed in a catastrophic computer crash


In 1995 Val Reynolds Brown took over Herts Holistic Health,  a news sheet for therapists in the Hertfordshire area established in 1987. Changing its name to In Balance Magazine its profile rapidly changed from black and white to full colour perfect bound with a high proportion of photographs. Published quarterly it was distributed to Hertfordshire health food shops and therapy centres and subscribers throughout the country and abroad

With an eclectic mix of editorial this women’s magazine has a pronounced interest in providing a balanced perspective on life. It has been described as quirky in a feminine way – an image we work hard to maintain!

Articles range through women’s health and lifestyle, with up to date information on nutrition, alternative therapies and fitness practices, the specific needs of different age groups from babies to the elderly, eating out, travel, personal concerns and reviews of products we have tried. The content is liberally illustrated with photography specially taken for the magazine

Issue 51: Keynote interview with Christiane Kubrick, artist, 2004

For two years Val produced and hosted an hour’s live radio show at Spectrum Radio, London. Based on In Balance editorial philosophy, her interviewees ranged over many well known doctors, therapists and manufacturers and celebrities including Twiggy, all related to women’s health and lifestyle


Val was invited to the press area at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. She took her husband John’s SLR and managed some good pictures but was frustrated that she didn’t know enough to get cracking shots. Anyway she decided to get a digital camera and learn everything she could to provide images for the magazine – the photo galleries show her progress

Issue 52: Giveaway Special: 3 pairs of Tickets to Chelsea Flower Show 2005

The In Balance magazine website first appeared in 2000 and took on a wider range of features related to women’s health and lifestyle and was more regularly updated once print ceased in 2006.

In Balance giveaways are available to anyone visiting the website

Readership information – we have collated data from our subscribers since 2000, the analysis is available to supporters and sponsors

We update the website feature list every week

Follow us on Twitter!/inbalancemag

In Balance Magazine Issue 53: Organic Californian Vineyard profile 2005

Reader and subscriber feedback:

• Your website is very informative Sonia McDonnell, reader

• Love your website, so easy to navigate Caroline Edmonds, subscriber

• Website is beautiful, photography is mouthwaterling beautiful and the content enticing Lynne Pardo, subscriber

• Thank you for In Balance  B Smith, reader

• Love your pictures Christiane Kubrick, artist

• I love the glorious pictures you include Catherine Wuidart, subscriber

• Quite magnificent Michael Green, reader

• Refreshingly different to any other health publication Rachel Richland, reader

• In Balance makes great reading. Congratulations! David Bellamy, broadcaster

• A fabulous magazine Gayle S Payne reader

• You think up such creative things to offer readers! It’s my favourite magazine June Baker, subscriber

• Really enjoy the mag Sally Furness, reader

• Made phenomenal contacts through the magazine Maureen Simon, advertiser

• Great content, shows people’s authenticity Lynne Sims, contributor

• Super magazine K Rackstraw, subscriber

• I really enjoy your magazine Valerie James, subscriber

• Magazine right up my street! Judith Coyle, reader

Following a catastrophic computer crash the previous website format was lost together with all 557 features. The features were luckily saved on a backup drive. They will be gradually added to this new format over the next months, many will be rewritten and brought up to date in some cases.

We are asking our many readers to tell us which are their favourite magazine topics and suggestions for new ones.

In Balance Magazine is published by Pintail Media

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