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July 23, 2011

The Puppy that came for Christmas …

by Val Reynolds

This true story will appeal to all dog lovers, and others, as it is truly heart warming and heart wrenching.

Megan Rix and her husband decided to take on a puppy for six months to train for people with disabilities. What Megan didn’t realise was just how deeply they would fall in love with the sweet natured puppy and how much of a wrench it was to give it back six months later. They then took on another puppy, Freddy, and fell in love again and were broken hearted when he too was moved on for further training.

Then, one Christmas, little Traffy came along …

This is a book we couldn’t put down and are sure it will be a bestseller in no time.

Published by Michael Joseph/Penguin, paperback £6.99, available from Amazon

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