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We love Feedback!

Writing a letter to the editor?

Writing a letter to the editor?

We always like to hear from our readers  

It seems to us that writing blogs, tweets, LinkedIn messages, Facebook and Twitter entries, magazine updates to our subscribers and readers, is a one way process – info out, nothing back! However, this week we have had positive proof our blogs are read, our tweets are read, our features are read.

A solution to our reader’s broad bean problem received a reassuring response from a Suffolk gardener

A response to the feature on living with Living with Alcoholism was received from a reader with a similar experience and how she coped with her polarised emotions

And someone sent an email about how our front garden informed/inspired his own gardening

All in all those responses in one weekend make us feel our efforts are worthwhile …

So do keep sending in your thoughts:

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy reading In Balance. I particularly liked the article about Durham and it has encouraged me to get on an organise a visit! J Beal

I have been telling friends about In Balance magazine for years. I think I first heard about it on Michael van Straten’s BodyTalk show on LBC and then started buying it at my local health food shop. I’ve also mentioned your website, which is well presented and informative. H Westley

Your article, Living with Alcoholism sent shivers up my spine. I could relate to it so well.  My late husband was sadly an alcoholic, and life was a living hell, I was so relieved there were no children involved.  However, when he died in January 2003 I felt so confused, as part of me felt a huge burden lifting and part of me grieved for the person I had loved.  It has taken me almost nine years to overcome this emotional turmoil.  Thank you for In Balance Magazine. B S.

Thank you for writing that sad story.  My daughter’s partner is an alcoholic and she and he and their lovely one year old daughter want to move in with me.  I have a good post code near good schools.  They want me to build a two story extension. I spent a lot of time working in a voluntary capacity with alcoholics, drug addicts and homeless people and enjoyed everything I did, but I didn’t want to bring one home. In 1971 I brought a drug addict home for Christmas. It was very hard work and I am not sure who it helped. Having good memories is a wonderful thing. You are your poor children. The great god money lured him on. And the peer group pressure.  What a pity he didn’t dry out. I will not have an alcoholic living here. Good luck with your hard won freedom. I wish you happiness and joy. VF

       Please keep me on your mailing list, I love receiving In Balance. M Bolan

  • Your website is very informative Sonia McDonnell, reader
  • Love your website, so easy to navigate Caroline Edmonds, subscriber
  • Website is beautiful, photography is mouthwaterling beautiful and thecontent enticing Lynne Pardo, subscriber
  • Love your pictures Christiane Kubrick, artist
  • I love the glorious pictures you include Catherine Wuidart, subscriber
  • Quite magnificent Michael Green, reader
  • Refreshingly different to any other health publication Rachel Richland, reader
  • In Balance makes great reading. Congratulations! David Bellamy, broadcaster
  • A fabulous magazine Gayle S Payne reader
  • You think up such creative things to offer readers! It’s my favourite magazine June Baker, subscriber
  • Really enjoy the mag Sally Furness, reader
  • Made phenomenal contacts through the magazine Maureen Simon, advertiser
  • Great content, shows people’s authenticity Lynne Simscontributor
  • Super magazine K Rackstraw, subscriber
  • I really enjoy your magazine Valerie James, subscriber
  • Magazine right up my street! Judith Coyle, reader
  • In Balance has always worked well for me Nick Parmar, therapist
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