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May 20, 2011

New Survey throws up Fascinating Insights into Family Life

by Val Reynolds

Do these findings line up with your family experience?

What does the body language tell you?

What does the body language tell you?

Three quarters of all important family decisions are now made by women, a study found:

  • Women decide what a couple eats
  • Where they live
  • When they have children
  • Where they go on holiday
  • How to spend their money

By contrast men are only involved in decisions about what car a couple buys.

Women are also responsible for 85 per cent of day to day family decisions from

  • what they do with their spare time
  • what they eat for dinner
  • what time they go to bed
  • and even how high they have the heating
Brussel flowers from Marks and Spencer, surprisingly tasty

Brussel flowers from Marks and Spencer, surprisingly tasty

The research on behalf of Ginsters, which has just launched a series of new TV adverts entitled ‘We need to talk … about Ginsters’, consulted 3,000 couples anonymously about their relationships and who took the most responsibility for family decision making.

An Italian chocolate mousse

An Italian chocolate mousse

Larry File, a spokesperson at Ginsters said: “It seems men are no longer the domineering head of the family and they know it. We were surprised by how honest and open men were about their lack of say in their day to day lives. But most men didn’t seem to mind having to ask permission before doing things.” Nearly two thirds said that they rely on their partner to decide what and when they eat and nearly half admitted they asked permission before eating certain foods.

Men took no responsibility at all for how healthy they were, leaving their diet and choice of food up to their partner. More than half of men even consulted their partner before having a drink, with three quarters asking her before eating unhealthy food. Sixty per cent of men admit that their partner has complete control over when and how frequently they have sex.

Celebrating the Dutch Queen's Day in Trafalgar Square

Celebrating the Dutch Queen's Day in Trafalgar Square

Women take the responsibility for running the house and ensuring that chores and work gets done and also take primary responsibility for making decisions about the children. They are most likely to choose the names of children as well as what clothes they wear and where they go to school.

Larry said: “Men reported to trust their partner’s advice above all others. So it makes sense that they would want to consult with them before taking a decision. The idea of a man heading up the house is a thing of the past with most couples agreeing that the woman is now the key decision maker. Women are now more likely to be consulted before their partner makes any important decision and likely to get their way.”

The survey also revealed that women used a range of tricks to persuade their partner to take their advice and get their own way. Women were most likely to try and use their sexuality by flirting and wearing skimpy clothing whereas men tried to butter their partner up with treats like food or chocolate. Most men admitted that they had less success at getting their own way with their partner.

Does this line up with your experience? Want to comment?

Val Reynolds Brown, Editor

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