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Were you a Giveaway Winner? Supa Drippa Taps

Supa Drippa Taps

Supa Drippa Taps

Of all the gardening gadgets, products, equipment we have come across so far, these taps are the most useful. We are really happy we had some to giveaway. They saved our plants in the drought because we could target the tender and precious ones, right where they needed water, next to the stem in the case of the tomatoes. And those tomato plants are looking very good.

Leaving the milk containers in place means when we want to feed the tomatoes, generally once a fortnight – we just remove the cap, pour in the fertiliser mix and away they go!

Simple, time saving and effective, see our feature SOS – Save Your Plants.Milk containers used to water and feed Tomato plants

So the lucky In Balance readers who have won a pack of 10 taps sponsored by The Organic Catalogue are:

  • A Westley, Chesham
  • V Brown Chichester
  • T Karweni, Aldershot

Happy watering!


By the way is the website we write about the ongoing renovation and care of a front garden in a garden city

Val Reynolds Brown, Editor








The New You Beauty Show – Giveaway Tickets

The New You Beauty Show

The New You Beauty Show

We’re making a point of getting to the Health & Beauty Show at Hertford on 19 June not just because we heard a whisper, well more than a whisper actually! of some rather special goody bags with some of our favourite skincare products, oh no, but because it promises to be an interesting event for anyone really into wellbeing for themselves and those they love. There will be the chance for treatments and to watch demonstrations.

We have two pairs of tickets to giveaway to In Balance readers – To enter complete the form below. Include The New You Beauty Show in the Subject box and your contact details in the text box.  Final date of entry 10 June 2011. One application per household.

Val Reynolds Brown, Editor

Spring Clean your Energy Bills + Giveaways

Declutter your bills this spring with the OWL Pink Micro – we have THREE to GIVEAWAY – see below

Think pink go green! … it says on the box – very true in this case! The unit is a somewhat lurid pink making it hard to miss! (husband’s description) – there is a reason!* – wife’s response.

This OWL Pink Micro eco gadget is a special limited edition version of the best selling OWL Micro electricity monitor. A small investment of £25.99 will raise funds to help 46,000 women a year fight breast cancer* and save you £135** on your yearly bills.

With the last of the ‘big six’ energy companies, EDF Energy, set to hike its energy prices this Spring, there is no better time to invest in an OWL Pink Micro.

The unit comes with an easy to follow instruction leaflet, batteries are supplied.

The display shows time, watts/ hour power, costs (after programming in the electricity cost charged by the supplier).

We had a lot of fun with this.

Be aware though that it is extremely unlikely the base line power usage will be zero (we have a base line of 120 watts); most homes have at least some power running somewhere eg central heating, fridges, alarm systems etc. Also it could be rather easy to get obsessed with switching off everything – we did to begin with! Just remember we all have to use some power in life; so a sense of proportion will help to keep the peace in the household! By the way it is unlikely the unit is sensitive enough to pick up low power units like individual light bulbs etc.

However, if the unit succeeds in reducing power bills then it could be said to have saved costs – and to a small extent – the planet!

We like!

Christopher Johns, contributing author

The Pink OWL Micro costs just £25.99, available to buy in all good high street retailers and at

* For further information about Breakthrough or breast cancer visit or call the charity’s free telephone number on 08080 100 200

** Source: moneysavingexpert


Just send an email to the with Pink OWL Micro in the subject box and your full contact details in the text area. Last day for entering the draw is 15 May 2011. One entry per household.

To keep up to date with future giveaways click on the Subscribe button on the right.


Giveaway Winners – Book & Plug Plants

Anti-Cancer, the book we recommend highly to anyone scared of, frightened by, the thought of cancer. Written by a doctor who has survived ten years after his diagnosis of brain cancer, it is reassuring, inspiring and very readable.

The winners of this great book are:
S Pearmain, Middlesex
B Smith, Argyll
T Rylatt, Leeds
M Jarman, Surrey
K Barrett, Huddersfield


Kathleen Mallard – Lobelia Erinus – 10 plug plants Thompson & Morgan

An old fashioned double rosebud flower grown by the Victorians, ideal for hanging baskets, patio containers, window boxes and front bedding as it has a close knit habit and forms a perfect ball. Its height and spread is 15cm/6 inches.

The winners are:
J Vaughan, Worcs
J Rayner, Derby
F Scholz, Aberdeen
A Johnson, Angus
R Holtom, Birmingham

Congratulations everyone.

Val Reynolds Brown, Editor


Vitality Show – The Winners!

This year’s Vitality Show 24-27 March promises to be even more interesting than ever and four In Balance readers will be using the double tickets they won in the Giveaway Draw.

L McClelland London
C Edmonds Ware
L Chambers Slough
D Criscuolo Guildford
Well done girls, have a great time!

Afraid of Cancer?

anti cancer – a new way of life

At the time of this updated edition of his book Dr David Servan-Schreiber has lived cancer free for ten years. In this book he tells what he has learned, both scientifically and personally.Anti Cancer book

Dr Servan-Schreiber was diagnosed with cancer of the brain when he was working as a medical resident in Pittsburgh.

Anticancer turns fear on its head – it is simply all the best, most thorough and quite amazing research on how you can build your body’s natural defences, whether you have cancer or not.

It is a myth that cancer is primarily linked to our genetic make-up – our lifestyle is the major determining factor and there is so much we can do to help boost our body’s natural capacity for protection.

We can:

Guard ourselves from the imbalances of our environment – adjust our diet, cutting back on cancer promotoers and including the greatest number of foods that help prevent, and actively fight, tumours

Create a relationship with our bodies that stimulates the immune system – understand and heal the psychological wounds that feed cancer

This truly groundbreaking, positive book has swept the world by storm, taking its place at the top of the bestseller charts.

Dr Servan-Schreiber makes the most compelling and inspiring case for playing a part in your own health.

I found this a most compelling read. It has the ring of authenticity and written in non-medical terms

When we heard a dear friend had been diagnosed with multiple melanoma we were devastated and felt helpless. Finding this book has made a huge difference to our understanding of cancer from the point of view of the sufferer and gave us more confidence to keep in touch with him.  I have given my copy to him and I’m confident it is the most positive gift I can give. I’m sending a copy to another friend who is in remission and again I’m sure she will find it of huge interest and a source of hope and inspiration.

I would urge anyone touched by cancer to buy this book and pass it on, or better still send a copy as a gift to those about whose health they are concerned.

Anticancer is published by Penguin in both hard and soft back, ISBN978-0-718-15684-8

It is also available on Amazon Anticancer: A New Way of Life


Penguin has provided In Balance with FIVE copies of Dr Servan-Schreiber’s book, anti cancer to giveaway to In Balance readers. To enter the draw send an email to with Anti Cancer in the subject box and your full contact details in the text box to reach us by 30 March 2011. One entry per household.

Val Reynolds Brown Editor


Victorian Rosebud Lobelia for that Wow Factor!

Our front garden has a most ad hoc group of plants with no semblance of tidiness or order. Although in my defence I have to say there is an element of careful selection! Up to now bedding plants haven’t played a part in the scheme of things.

However, just what do you think this plant is? Double click to see larger image.

Lobelia Kathleen Mallard

It is Lobelia erinus ‘Kathleen Mallard’, an old fashioned double rosebud flower grown by the Victorians, ideal for hanging baskets, patio containers, window boxes and front bedding as it has a close knit habit and forms a perfect ball. Its height and spread is 15cm/6 inches. I fell in love with it instantly, picturing it sitting on the outside edge of the front garden.

We reckon this plant will be very popular, it is so beautiful. Should add quite a wow factor! We’re impressed, so much so we are ordering ten plants for bedding and another ten for our hanging baskets and bedding in the back garden from Thompson & Morgan who are offering them at a really good price.

Suitable for sun or semi shade 5 jumbo plugs cost of £3.49, or 10 jumbo plugs £5.99 and will be despatched by end of April 2011.

To order some now go to the Thompson & Morgan website where you will find all the growing and other information you may need. It’s not a difficult plant to grow.


Lobelia erinus ‘Kathleen Mallard’

We have FIVE Thompson & Morgan sets of 10 jumbo plugs to give away to In Balance readers. To enter the draw send an email with Kathleen Mallard in the subject box to: with all your contact details by latest 31 March 2011. One entry per household.

You might also find our other website of interest


Giveaway Winners – Bain Mousse

When we came across the Melvita Bain Mousse we really liked so much that we wanted to tell you about it, which we did in December. Foam baths give a luxury feel to a hot soak, in fact the bubbles keep in the heat and you experience a turkish bath effect, well nearly! We loved the aroma and the silky effect on our skin.Melvita oam bath

The Melvita range of products have a good feel about them, especially as they are all natural products with an underlying commitment to non-synthetic, organic ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Melvita is available at various outlets and on line. If you are in the Covent Garden area at all, do visit their shop in  Slingsby Street, it’s like an Aladdin’s Cave!

We had two bottles of the Bain Mousse to give away and the winners are:  B Shaw of Blackpool and H Forster of Surrey. Congratulations!

We have no doubt we’ll have other Melvita products to give away so keep an eye out for our regular newsletter, or subscribe – see below – and you won’t miss out!

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