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August 16, 2014

Cold Sores – A solution that works for me

by Val Reynolds

Hands up all of you who suffer from cold sores on the lips! I am guessing but I suspect many readers do. Apparently six in ten people carry the virus but only 25% notice any symptoms*.

I do suffer and hate them. They are painful, ugly and last for ages. They also come for no apparent reason as a rule, although I have noticed when I am really anxious, for whatever reason, one appears.

Anyway here’s my strategy that works every time at minimal cost.

When I notice a sensitive spot on my lip – that nasty painful small blister – I use ice – immediately. At first I used a pack of frozen peas, a bit big and unwieldy. Then I used an ice pack bought for a painful ankle swelling. Then, and this is my absolute favourite – I hit on using a frozen blueberry. I don’t hold the berry on for long, just enough time to feel the blister has gone down a little. I have another blueberry on hand to put on when the first one has begun to defrost. Easy to eat then! And how much did that cost?!

Here is a photo after three blueberries – the blister is on centre of the upper lip. Not easy to see, but there. No pain though.I’m annoyed I didn’t think to take a photo before I wrote this feature. However I’ll add another picture in 24 hours to see if there is any difference.

After three blueberries

Why not try this ice treatment for yourselves? Would really be interested to know how you get on. Do you have another fail safe method perhaps? Get in touch and we can spread the word!

Val Reynolds, Editor

*Information found on the Herpes Viruses Association website

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