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May 7, 2013

Facelift Gone Wrong? Bodged Botox? Lumpy Liposuction?

by Val Reynolds
Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 21.00.31

Should I tell her? Part of the frieze round The Meeting at St Pancras

I would guess most women have thought about having a beauty enhancementat some time in their lives. Certainly when my throat started to look a bit turkey like it occurred to me. But the idea of something going wrong has kept me from venturing into that land of uncertainty.

However, with people like Katherine Whitehorn advocating it and most celebrities looking unnaturally young, I do occasionally yearn to join them.

Then there are the naysayers – it will make you look stretched, your mouth will look odd, your eyes will go awry, all kinds of warnings. Did you watch Last Chance Salon? The unbearable results of procedures that went wrong are miraculously righted by experts in the field.

A second series is in the making and the search for suitable disastrous case studies is on.

image001Have you had disastrous plastic surgery or a beauty treatment you need help fixing for free?  Maverick TV are making “Last Chance Salon” with world renowned experts in beauty for the face, hair or body and we can help you put it right.  Has your plastic surgery left you physically and emotionally scarred?  Do you have a terrible trout pout or bodged botox?  Or did a trip to the hairdressers leave you with the hairstyle from hell?  Maybe it’s a DIY beauty fix which has left you unhappy and wishing you’d gone to the professionals?  Our world renowned cosmetic surgeon, award winning hairdresser and skin doctor to the stars are waiting to hear from you. This is one beauty appointment you can’t afford to miss.

Email or call 0121 224 8439 for a confidential and no obligation informal chat.

Val Reynolds, Editor

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