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December 2, 2011

Callous Broadcaster: Clarkson on BBC One Show

by Val Reynolds

train wheelsWas I the only one disgusted by Jeremy Clarkson’s throwaway remarks on the One Show on Wednesday?

Clarkson said

Trains should not stop for people who have committed suicide by throwing themselves onto the rails. It won’t make them better.

on the One Show on  20 November.

There is more indignation about his saying strikers should be shot in front of their families which was clearly a jokey thing, albeit in very bad taste, but something that would never happen. Whereas people jumping in front of trains does happen with terrible consequences for bystanders, the train driver and the families involved.

I think Clarkson should be banned from broadcasting, he clearly isn’t in touch with normal sensitivities. And I don’t accept the argument that he doesn’t seriously mean what he says – it’s all for effect at other people’s expense.

Val Reynolds, Editor

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