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October 23, 2011

New Cereals for Coeliacs – In Our Basket

by Val Reynolds
Bread is not an option for coeliacs

Bread is not an option for coeliacs

It has often been suggested that many people could benefit from a gluten-free diet for many reasons. Gluten is a sticky starch (gliadin) found in wheat and related cereals such as barley and rye but absent in rice and other related cereals. Most doctors agree that bowel problems are mainly genetic. Ancient Greeks gave its name, Coeliac.

The problem arises from an immune reaction to an enzyme in the starch, causing an inflammation in the small bowel, damaging the food absorption process.

Symptoms may range from extreme intolerance – excessive tiredness to extreme bowel problems (IBS) – to a barely noticeable effect.

Interestingly tennis player Novak Djokovitch claims his stamina has improved since switching to a gluten-free diet. Djokovitch has sworn off pasta, pizza, beer, French bread, Corn Flakes, pretzels, empanadas, Mallomars and Twizzlers — anything with gluten, since last year. And with the results he achieved in 2011 who’s to say he is wrong!!!

Choco Crispies made by The Groovy Food Company is one of our favourite gluten free breakfast foods. These really are crispy and yummylicious as they describe on the box! Specially made for coeliacs in a totally and utterly dedicated gluten free environment they are free from wheat, dairy, colourings, dodgy additives and sweetened with Agave Nectar.

Special flakes - a maize and rice mix © Pintail Media

Special flakes - a maize and rice mix © Pintail Media

Others in the range include Cornflakes, Frosted Flakes and Special Flakes made from a maize and rice mix.

We have tried them all and have to confess we liked the Choco Crispies best … we blame our chocolate addiction!

The Groovy Food Company cereal collection is available throughout major multiples and health food stores nationwide and online at: More information on

The Coeliac UK website gives a great deal more valuable information.

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