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August 21, 2011

Open Air Fitness in Welwyn Garden City

by Val Reynolds
Meeting up in Parkway WGC © Pintail

Meeting up in Parkway WGC © Pintail

Drivers and passersby could be forgiven for thinking the army has arrived on Saturday mornings on the main boulevard in Welwyn Garden City! Instead an army of fitness enthusiasts meet up for an hour’s highly organised activities.

Enthusiasts © Pintail

Enthusiasts © Pintail

Essentially Regiment Fitness run a circuits class based on military fitness drills with energetic warm up activities, scrambling through a camouflage net, dragging tyres, constructing an ‘armoured gun’ from tyres, metal drums and a log and barging through a couple of ‘heavies’ with foam pillars!

Steven Nodwell, a Welwyn Garden City resident who is serving in the British Army, founded the company a year and a half ago.

They are not resting! © Pintail

They are not resting! © Pintail

These photographs were taken at a Welwyn Garden City Saturday class made up of all ages and levels of fitness.

The Welwyn Garden classes have been going for a few months – there are three classes a week: Saturday morning, Tuesday evening and Thursday evening. Around 15-20 join each session.
Exercise sessions are held at seven locations all over Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.   For details go to the Regiment Fitness website or call 01582 658569

Getting ready to scramble under the net   © Pintail

Getting ready to scramble under the net © Pintail

Val Reynolds Brown, Editor

Photography © Pintail

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