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June 10, 2011

Positive Feedback for Young Car Drivers and Cheaper Car Insurance

by Val Reynolds
Suburban Boy racer

Suburban Boy racer

With young car drivers aged 17-21 being the highest risk category for accidents it’s no surprise that cheaper car insurance is a top priority.

General advice on reducing car insurance premiums includes

    • Taking a Pass Plus course
    • Having a car alarm fitted
    • Parking the vehicle in an off road site

However we think the BEST SOLUTION is the nifty new technological system available from the “one-stop-shop” for young car drivers, Intelligent Marmalade, which provides the greatest chance of more affordable premiums as well as improving safety and skills on the road.

The system is installed in cars purchased on the revolutionary cashback-combined-with-insurance scheme offered by Young Marmalade. It monitors the driving skills of the young person behind the wheel in order to prove good driving practice.

Using the system young drivers are able to review their own driving proficiency. An added incentive to encourage the young driver to take care on the road is the insurance premium for the second year is fixed at the outset, eliminating the unpleasant prospect of increasing premiums.

Nick Moger, founder of Young Marmalade realises youngsters may initially be wary of Intelligent Marmalade because it could be seen as a spying eye – a sort of ‘black box’ which records their every move in the car. But he is certain sensible young people soon realise the benefits of using the system in reducing their risk assessment as far as insurance policies go.

The way Intelligent Marmalade works is that with the system installed in the car the scheme managers, young driver him/herself, and the parents are able to access the Ingenium Dynamics website to review records of journeys made, and thereby assess any risks that may arise, address possible hazardous driving techniques, and generally ensure the young driver is staying safe on the road. It all aids in improving the individual’s driving skills and reducing his/her risk profile as far as insurance goes. It goes a long way to reassure parents too which has to be a huge plus feature. It also adds to the debate on how to drive economically and reduce fuel usage.

This really is the most positive initiative we have ever seen to ensure reduced risk for youngsters on the road and reduced insurance costs.

We can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be made generally available – after all organisations with a mobile workforce are being encouraged to install the devices, why not the general public? I know a few drivers who would really benefit from having one in their vehicles … no names of course!

Val Reynolds Brown, Editor

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