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March 29, 2011

How to lose weight without dieting!

by Val Reynolds

Dieting has never been our strong point and we were so touched by this rhyme sent in by a reader that we immediately sent her a copy of the new book Colour me slimmer that we find so inspiring.

I made this rhyme up in a fit of alcoholically fuelled despair walking behind two girls with lovely figures.  It tells you as much about myself as I want you to know and more about how my mother dealt with my deep despair. Lucy Reckett

Fatty watty watty
That’s what they say
Fatty watty watty
It really makes my day

Fatty watty fatty
That’s what they say
Not matter what the day
I’m fatty watty watty

So I’m so fat
That is that
No matter what I say
It only means I weigh
More than you
More than you
Oh it’s true
I’m fatter than you

Fatty watty watty
What do I care
There, there, there,
My mum says fatty watty watty doesn’t
matty matty moo!

Colour Me Slimmer is about clever dressing for a fabulous figure, whether you are size 12 or 22. Here’s a book that banishes baggy tea shirts, rejects dangerous crash diets. This essential style guide demonstrates that by simply wearing the correct clothing for your body shape, you can shed pounds in seconds.

Colour Me Slimmer is published by Hamlyn, rrp £12.99
It’s available at all good booksellers and on Amazon Colour Me Slimmer: Clever Dressing for a Fabulous Figure (Colour Me Beautiful)

To enter the draw send an email to with Colour me slimmer in the subject box and your full contact details in the text box, to reach us by latest 30 April 2011. One entry per household.

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