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August 8, 2008

Zimbali Coastal Resort, Durban SA

by Val Reynolds
Fabulous plants at Zimbali

Fabulous plants at Zimbali

Descending a steep hill we could see and smell the sea! How exciting after a period in the bush and veldt.

What might be called a coombe in Gloucestershire, this massive 700 hectare valley leading down to the sea was a forest of plants, both planted and indigenous, and so extensive that guests at the top used golf buggies to get to the beach, and those on the beach definitely needed the buggies to get their lunch!

It was a sumptous setting for a golf resort where you can buy property overlooking the golf course and with views of the sea. It was a real knock out and the hotel interior was fabulous.

We had arrived for a spa treatment with lunch to followand we were delighted to have the opportunity to experience such wonderful facilities which, when we enquired, are not that expensive. A week with a golfing partner could be achieved within a modest budget, remembering the UK pound is very strong at the moment.

Clubhouse interior

Clubhouse interior

The spa centre offers an extensive treatments list, many of a decent length, that is an hour or more – the ancient Bali ritual, given to princesses for 40 days prior to their wedding day, takes two hours! As our time at Zimbali was limited by our need to get to Durban airport within a few hours our choice of luxury timeconsuming treatments was limited. However we did manage a full body bamboo massage of an hour. Traditionally used by various African groups, including the Tswana it has only recently been added to the Zimbali list. I only wish we had had a few more days to enjoy yet more luxury, traditional treatments.

Our lunch was memorable, we ate at a table overlooking the forest and the sea beyond. Good food, good wine and a merry group is a great recipe for happiness! Pity we had to up sticks and rush off to the airport to catch our plane en route for Jo’burg and home. Ah well, another time perhaps, it was that good.

August 2008

Val Reynolds Brown, Editor

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