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Finding a Suitable Care Home, a book to help

© Pintail Media

© Pintail Media

The time may come when we are faced, probably unwillingly, with the possibility of finding a suitable care home for a relative or family friend. With little or no experience of such places searching out an acceptable home can be daunting. One that at least I had had no experience of. As luck would have it I heard about the independent guide to choosing a care home in the south east of England, entitled The Care Homes Guide – South East England. One in a series, it proved to be a mine of information especially in relation to financial considerations.

For us it raised more questions than answers which needed a lot of time to understand and resolve. However the book has an extensive directory of approved homes, impartial and clear comparisons, and essential advice on choosing the right home, as well as useful contacts. We found it a reliable and very readable source of information and became our essential reference source.

Highly recommended, published by Crimson Publishing, £14.99,

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Val Reynolds Brown, Editor

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