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Top Ten Good Books to Read Again, Again and Again

Favourite books from readers – all of them have been read more than once and they would never ever give them away. Eat your heart out Oxfam!

Heidia heartrending story by Johanna Spyri of such poignancy that it still makes me cry every time I read it even now at 70! J Jarvis

The Rough Guide to Classic Novels this is such a good crib book. It’s used it a lot just to keep me up with those references in the media that crop up from time to time – I’m always up to date! J Gorringe

The Man who Planted Trees a very short but hugely inspiring book – it renews hope and faith in the human psyche. L Alexander

RHS Pruning by Christopher Brickell – I’ve had this book for more than 30 years and it never lets me down. V McDonald

How to Grow Fresh Air  an astonishing book that came out of research for a breathable environment for a lunar habitat. K Colston

Travels with Watercolour – Lucy Willis inspires her readers to be courageous in their painting in new surroundings. S Walling

Mr Thrifty’s How to save money on absolutely everything – a hugely amusing and useful book written by Jane Furnival, now sadly no longer with us. A book to read and read – get a copy! K Gardner

Food in England Dorothy Hartley wrote a series of books based on her travels around the UK in the 1930’s to 1950’s. Her beautiful line drawings are humorous  as well as accurate and her description makes her books essential for anyone interested in social history.  J Marshall

Way of the Peaceful Warrior a lyrical, hauntingly beautiful book that might just change your life! I go back to it regularly. K Campbell

Bob Flowerdew’s Organic Bible, successful gardening the natural way The first book I go to when needing inspiration, reliable and understandable guidance for the garden. V Reynolds

All these books are of course available on Amazon, however rather than support a company that doesn’t want to pay tax on its UK profits perhaps you could find a bookseller who does. We are researching this – if you have any suggestions do get in touch.

If you have some favourites feel free to send an email to

Do you have any books you use to read in the gym when on the walking machine? Here’s a link to our feature.


Buy British Innovative Light Bulb and save on energy costs

Groove Bulb packaging

Groove Bulb packaging

An unprepossessing name hides a remarkable new product. The Groove Bulb is a high quality, low energy light eminently suitable in the home. It uses 85 per cent less electricity than standard bulbs, so despite its higher purchase price* it ensures immediate savings. With an approximate life span of 30 years there’ll be no need to replace it for a very long time**.

So what are its credentials apart from the impressive cost savings?

It’s available in bayonet or Edison screw cap
Instantly ‘on’
No flicker
Provides a clear white light – good for reading and activities involving small detail much easier
They are dimmable
Mercury free
99 per cent recyclable
Has the lowest CO2 emissions of any lighting technology on the market
Aesthetically we prefer the natural – nearly white – grooves to the silver grooves

Groove Bulb Fact Sheet

Groove Bulb Fact Sheet

The company, Groove Bulb, intends expanding the range to include a 100w equivalent and a candle style bulb by the end of the year.

Groove Bulb is a privately owned company operating in the UK. The founder, James Theobald, has over thirty years’ experience of LED manufacturing.


This bulb is neat. It’s very bright. We have used it in the entrance hall and would prefer it to be somewhat less bright, so a dimmer switch would make it more appropriate. Perhaps placing it in an enclosed light fitting would help to reduce its brightness.

OTHER ADVANTAGES It could be left on all night, with a dimmer switch, in dark corridors rather than using the much more expensive motion sensor light switches used in hospitals and high activity corridors.


Yes – what’s not to like?!

The Groove Bulb  can be purchased exclusively via the website:

*9w bulbs are retailing at £15.95, which is 25 per cent cheaper than similar quality LED bulbs on the market

**Calculations are based on a UK average of 24 bulbs per household used for three hours per day with electricity charged at 15p per kilowatt saving you c. £200 per year/£16 per month.

Val Reynolds, Editor

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