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August 12, 2011

Bohn Swimwear – Problem-Solving Swimwear Range For Women

by Val Reynolds
Sarah Bohn

Sarah Bohn

Earlier this year we ran a feature about Sarah Bohn who set up UK Swim Store, an online women’s swimwear shop offering branded swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes. But now Sarah has taken things further to provide women with stylish quality confidence-boosting swimwear, by creating her own cover-up swimwear range! We caught up with her recently to find out more …

So what was the thinking behind the Bohn Swimwear range?

The branded swimwear we stock has been great for so many women. By offering swimwear in larger sizes and with various body shaping/support options, ladies of all shapes and sizes have managed to find swimsuits which enable them to feel happy and confident whilst swimming.

But what about those women wanting more coverage? The standard swimsuit is still far too revealing for a lot of women to feel comfortable – legs, bottom, arms, back etc can all be on show, and for some women that’s a deterrent to their swimming.

Idyllic swimming - Isles of Scilly

Idyllic swimming - Isles of Scilly © Pintail Media

And cover-up swimwear was the answer?

Well, over the years we’ve stocked a few items that offer more coverage – for example, swim jammers – and they’ve always been very popular. I’ve heard from a lot of women who’ve loved the extra coverage. So why not have a range of cover-up swim separates that women can mix and match to get the right level of coverage for their own specific requirements?

What’s in the Bohn Swimwear range? 

The current range is made in classic black, and comprises: ankle length swim leggings, three quarter length swim leggings, ladies’ swim jammers, a swim skirt, short sleeve swim top, and long sleeve swim top. Quality and durability are important – I wanted the Bohn range to be able to compete with the Speedo and Maru we stock, so it’s designed in a material that will not degrade in the pool and has a Sun Protection Factor of 50+. The fabric, which is proper swimwear material, also does not absorb masses of water and is quick drying, so you can jump in and out of the pool without taking half the pool with you!

Have you had any feedback from customers?

Varicose veins

Varicose veins

Yes, loads! Sales have been great, and there have been lots of emails from women thanking me for giving them back the confidence to swim, which has been so lovely. The market for cover up swimwear is broader than I’d ever imagined. We are selling to Muslim women, women with scarring, women with unsightly veins, women self-conscious of their cellulite, more mature ladies … I’m blown away by some of the feedback we’ve been receiving, it’s beyond anything I’d hoped for.

Here are some testimonials from very happy Bohn Swimwear customers:

Bohn Three Quarters Swim Leggings

Bohn Three Quarters Swim Leggings

I have not been swimming for many years as I am embarrassed by the veins and marks on my legs. I bought a pair of Bohn 3/4 length leggings in April and wear them under my swimming costume.  I have now joined a gym and swim regularly – thank you. (Beverley)

I ordered and received a pair of Bohn Swim Leggings. I have had psoriasis quite badly on my legs for the past four years. Before that, I was swimming every week. I am now a mum of five, and had never swum with my kids in a swimming pool. I was using a wet suit for the summer, but the sea is too cold to swim in winter time. BUT NOW … I have been swimming with my children twice this week already. What a difference, I didn’t feel selfconscious at all. A very big thank you for giving me a part of my life back I never though I would. I really can’t thank you enough.(Laraine)

I had an accident recently, and am very selfconscious about showing off my scars in the pool … however, I found your site, put the order in and am over the moon – I can go swimming again.(Catherine)

I purchased the Bohn three quarter length swimming leggings and they have had a huge impact on my life. I love swimming, particularly in the sea, but I used to shy away from it as I didn’t like to wear a regular swimming costume. With the leggings, I am far less self-conscious and have been enjoying frequent swims. They’re comfortable, good quality and actually rather stylish. I’ve been wearing them both over my swimming costume or with just a bikini top and have had many people admire them. I’d highly recommend them, particularly for anyone who’s that bit body conscious like me. (Pam)

I absolutely love the Bohn 3/4 swim leggings. I am quite slim but I have really bad cellulite on my thighs and with these leggings I can now go swimming with my six year old and not worry about my cellulite and I can run on the beach without seeing the tops of my legs. Hurray and thank you. (Lisa)

Bohn long sleeve ladies top

Bohn long sleeve ladies' top

Being a very cold-blooded person I was absolutely thrilled to be introduced to UK Swim Store’s Bohn long sleeve ladies swim top. I love going to my aqua class but the prospect on a cold and frosty morning was one that I always had to brace myself for! Now I feel warm and comfortable with a close fitting black top that I can wear in or out of the water. (Margaret)

I am very pleased with your Modesty Cover Up Swimwear, as before last year I had never ever been in a pool in my life, and after purchasing one of your tops and leggings, and at fifty years old, I am taking part in Aqua-fit and signed up for some swimming lessons. (Loonat)

Sarah has plans to expand the Bohn Swimwear range over the next twelve months so there will be more pieces to choose from and in more colours. We wish her every success in her mission to transform women’s swimwear.

Val Reynolds, Editor

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